28 January 2010

The Story thus far

Our adventurers departed Winterhaven three days ago with an undead legion less than a day away from the village, ostensibly to enlist aid from the dwarves of the mines of Morath Dur. When nearing the village of Restenford at the foot of the dwarven mountain smoke was rising on the horizon. The village had been raided the previous night by a company of goblinoids. The PCs were stopped while approaching the village by Matthais of the town guard and when the PCs offered aid and friendship to Restenford they were ushered to a meeting of the town council where the town councilmen offered to pay the PCs 100gp for the head of every goblinoid that they brought back. The dwarven representatives from Morath Dur seemed a little uneasy and when approached by our dwarven cleric, Cael, they revealed to him their suspicions that the goblinoid company had headquarted in an abandoned (and secret) Mithril mine nearby: Kohl-Dor.

Torgthic, the cheif representative from Morath-Dur took Cael aside and explained the history of the mine to him: 1. That it was a mithril mine, 2. That it had been kept secret centuries ago when it was operational so the dwarves would not have to share their wealth with their neighbours, 3. That something had happened there, Tolas, the master miner of Kohl-Dor died by treachery and less than one month after his death Morath-Dur lost all contact with the neigboring mine. 4. Korliss the Foesmiter, a dwarven hero of some reknown, had taken a band of hammerers into the mine to reclaim it from whatever had been awakened in the depths and was never heard from again. 5. That the King of Morath-Dur would very much like for the mine, its mithril, and its dark secret to remain secret and that Morath-Dur would pay handsomely to keep it so.

In return for their secrecy the dwarves of Morath-Dur are also willing to send a company of dwarves to meet the most likely now rampaging undead horde that was released (by Douven *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*) upon Winterhaven.

06 January 2010

Try some of these next session

I'd like us to get us to the point where we're levelling up every other game. Of course that means that we'll need to average 5 encounters a session. Whew. Five 4e encounters an evening! I may have to pad it a bit. And as a bit of a heads up I think this Friday's game may prove difficult. Keep your wits about you. And try some of these:

Once per encounter as a standard action you can try to gain Combat Advantage against a target by making a BLUFF check. Your Bluff check vs. enemies Insight check.

Once per combat encounter you can use BLUFF to create a diversion and hide as a standard action. Bluff vs. Insight of each enemy. With a success immediately make a STEALTH check to hide.

As a standard action use INTIMIDATE vs. enemy'sWILL. Success will make an enemy surrender, reveal secrets, or cow then into taking some other action (maybe, I don't know, run away). Failure makes an enemy hostile to you. If you try and intimidate all your enemies at once make a separate INTIMIDATE check against each enemy's WILL defense.

Use a STEALTH check when you have cover or concealment to gain combat advantage against an enemy.

Or AID ANOTHER - make a melee basic attack vs. AC 10 and grant an ally +2 to his next attack.

And don't ask me about the logic behind my CAPS cause I don't know.